Distinguished Alumni


Our college had the honor of graduating a large number of distinguished names, including:
Prof. Dr. Gamal El Debba
- He is considered among the first batch that joined the School of Dentistry - Farouk I University, which was established in 1945.
He was appointed as a teaching assistant at the college in 1949. Later, he was sent on a scientific mission to England to study dental mechanics, then a scientific mission to Iran affiliated to the World Health Organization to study medical education and another scientific mission to America as an invitation from the Center of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh.
Prof. Dr. Samir Bishara
- Professor of Orthodontics at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry
- Diplomate of American Board of Orthodontics
Prof. Dr. Tariq Ali
- Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, El Alamein (Arab Academy for Science and Technology)
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdallah
- Supervised a doctoral thesis in pediatric dentistry through the joint supervision system between Egypt and the United States of America - University of Iowa
- Director of the Egyptian Child Dental Project (a joint project between Canada and Egypt) 1994
Prof. Dr. Ihab Adel Hammad
- He holds a certificate of specialization in prosthodontics from the University of Minnesota, USA, 1985
- Holds a master's degree in prosthodontics from the University of Minnesota, USA, 1985
- He holds a PhD in Prosthodontics from Boston University, USA, 1988