Quality Assurance Unit

Unit mission and goals

The Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit at the Faculty of Dentistry was established in 2005 within the framework of the Ministry of

Higher Education and the University of Alexandria by upgrading the quality of education and qualifying the college for accreditation.


The mission of the Quality Assurance Unit at the Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University, is based on activating and monitoring the quality of the operation’s performance

Educational, scientific research and management in accordance with national quality specifications and standards, as well as ensuring the linkage of services

health needs of the community.


Unit Objective:

1. Awareness and spreading the culture of quality among faculty members, faculty staff and students.

2. Periodic follow-up of the application of quality standards in the academic and administrative fields.

3. Continuous self-evaluation of the college’s performance as an educational institution in the various fields of education and scientific research.

Community Service

4. Preparing the college's self-report on a regular basis.

5. Develop proposals and an action plan to improve performance and continuous development.

6. Suggesting the general policy for quality management in the college.

7. Contribute to the rehabilitation of the college for accreditation at the national level.

8. The unit reviews these goals periodically and submits them to the college council for approval of the changes

Update on unit goals