It was established in the year 1945/1946 under the name of School of Dentistry and the number of students enrolled in this year was two. This number increased year after year until it became 519 male and female students in 1969/1970, the last year of the school.
The study at that time included five specializations: oral surgery, oral medicine, conservative treatment, orthodontics and prosthodontics.
In 1970 its name changed to College of
Dentistry by the decision of the President of
the Republic No. 1803 of the year 1970. The number of students enrolled in this year was 565 male and female students. This number continued to increase until it reached 1774 male and female students in the academic year 2009/2010.
The first place of study was in two rooms at the Amiri University Hospital, then it moved to a separate building in the seventies, but now the college includes two buildings with ten
academic departments:
1- Department of Prosthodontics
2- Department of conservative treatment, including dental fillings, crowns and endodontics.
3- Department of Oral Surgery
4- Oral Pathology Department
5- Department of Oral Biology
6- Oral medicine department, which includes periodontal treatment, diagnosis and radiology
7- Orthodontics Department
8- Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Public Dental Health
9-Department of Dental Biomaterials
10-Department of Maxillofacial Surgery