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    كليه طب الاسنان اسكندريه
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Prof. Dr. Ahmed Adel Abdel Hakim

Dean of the Faculty

Dean Word

“The most beautiful events we live in our day are what was yesterday, wishes.” Today, I welcome you as visitors to our website, which we were keen to create, so that it becomes the window through which one of the monuments of science and creativity at Alexandria University overlooks, which is the Faculty of Dentistry. Dentistry is a distinct art of the arts of medicine, and the college has been keen since its inception until now to quickly leap in the field of development and advancement, in line with its mission to achieve scientific and practical excellence in accordance with ethical, scientific and research standards to qualify for local, regional and international competition . This is done through the continuous development of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various specializations of dentistry in line with technological development and scientific progress and meets the needs of the labor market. This is in addition to the college’s keenness to serve the community and develop the surrounding environment by providing preventive and curative services for oral and dental patients from various governorates. Finally: I hope that your visit to our website will achieve the goal that it serves as a guide that displays all scientific, research and community activities and services at the College of Dentistry, as if you were wandering around searching inside the pillars of our ancient college.

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The strategic goals of the college

The strategic goals of the college Increasing the planning capacity of the college to ensure the achievement of the strategic objectives related to the vision and mission of the college. Wise and rational leadership convinced of the governance culture in accordance with the university's ethical charter and an organizational structure that guarantees the college to achieve the best results with the available and potential resources. Availability of a system for institutional evaluation and quality management and emphasis on comprehensive and continuous evaluation of educational effectiveness Visiting the competence of faculty members and their assistants. Owning a highly efficient administrative apparatus that ensures the achievement of the college's strategic goals. Providing the necessary financial and material resources to ensure the implementation of the college's strategic plan. Emphasis on adherence to academic standards and compatibility of educational programs and decisions with the needs of the beneficiaries. Raising the efficiency and effectiveness of the teaching and learning process within the college. Emphasis on the quality of services provided by the college to students and graduates. Raising the efficiency and effectiveness of scientific research activities and related scientific activities. Raise the level of graduate studies programs. Activating community participation and developing the environment.

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