Faculty Of Dentistry



School System:-
The academic system of the college is based on the credit hour system, where the academic year is divided into three trimesters as follows:
• First trimester (fall): 15 weeks
• Second trimester (spring): 15 weeks
• Summer trimester (optional): The college council may decide a summer trimester according to the controls it sets - the study period will be 8 weeks, provided that the weekly academic hours allocated to the courses taught in this trimester are doubled, followed by exams.

Study Program:-
The study program includes 193 credit hours distributed over five study levels, university and college requirements of compulsory and elective courses.


First academic year:

first Semester (Fall)




                                    Credit hours                                            

General Anatomy


General Histology

General Physiology( Basic)                                            3
Organic and Inorganic Chemistry                                            3
Introduction to Dental Anatomy and  Mrphology of Teeth 2                   

Arabic language Arabic

لغة عربية لغير الناطقين بها


حقةق الأنسان ومكافحة الفساد

خدمة المجتمع وتنمية البيئة                                             -
Elective (university)                                            2
Elective                                            2
Second Semester (Spring)


                                    Credit hours                                            
General physiology (Advanced) 2
Biochemistry&Molecular Biology 3
Animal physiology 2
Physics and statistics 2
Dental Anatomy & Occlusion of Teeth  2
Dental Biomaterials (Basic)  2
Elective (university)  2
Elective  2





second school year  

Third Semester (Fall)
                               Subject                                                                         Credit hours                                                      
 General Pathology (basic)                             3
 General Pathology (basic)pharmacology                             3
 Embrology, Developmnt&Structure of Dentel Tissues                             3
 Dental Biomaterials (Applied)                             3
 Elective (university)                             2
 Elective                              2




Fourth Semester (Spring)


                                  Credit hours                               
 General Pathology (Advanced) 2
General microbiology and immunology 3
PRE-clinical prosthodontics (complete denture) 3

Biology of Paradental Tissues

&physiologic tooth Movements 

Elective (university) 2
Elective 4





The third school year

Fifth Semester (Fall) 


 Credit hours        

PRE-clinical prosthodontics (partial dentures)  3
Preparatory Pre-clinical Endodontics 2
Preparatory Preclinical Operative Dentistry 2
Preparatory Preclinical Fixed Prosthodontics 3
Odontogenic Maxillofacial Pathology 3
Basic Oral Radiology 2
 Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning 2
General Surgery 2

 Skin and Venereal Diseases, Ophthalmology ENT (Otorhinolaryngology) 

Sixth Semester (Spring) 


                                     Credit hours                           
Prosthodontics clinic (complete dentures)                       3
Applied Pre_clinic Endodontics  2
Applied Preclinical Operative Dentistry   3
Applied Preclinical Fixed Prosthodontics 2
Non-odontogenic Maxillofacial Pathology 3
Advanced Oral Radiology 2
General Medicine 2
Elective 4





Fourth academic year

Seventh Semester (Fall)


                                    Credit hours    
 Prosthodontics Clinic (Partial Dentures)  3
 Basic Clinical Endodontics  2
 Basic Clinical Operative Dentistry  2
 Basic Clinical Operative Dentistry   2
Basic Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics  2
Pain Control and Exodontia  3
Etiology and Pathogenesis Periodontal Diseases  2
Disorders Involving Ora mucosa 2
Pre-Clinic Pediatric Dentistry  2
 Basics in Orthodonticsntic  2
Sixth Semester (Spring)


                                  Credit hours                                               
Advanced Prosthodontics Clinic  2
Integrative clinical endodontics 2
Integrative Clinical Operative Dentistry  2
Minor Integrative Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics 2
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and General Anesthesia 3
Topics in oral medicine 2
periodontal disease 2
Pediatric dentistry 2
Prevention of Oral Diseases  1
Orthodontics Diagnosis & Treatment Planning 2





Fifth academic year

Ninth Semester (Fall)


                  Credit hours                                     
 Comprehensive prosthodontics  2
 Advanced Clinical Endodontics
Advanced Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics  2
 Advanced clincal operative Dentistry  2
 Major Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery  3
Diseases Affecting Oral Cavity and Their Management  2
Management of Periodontal Diseases  2
Pediatric Dentistry Clinic  2
 Evidence-Based Dentistry  2
Elective  2


Tenth Semester (Spring)


     Credit hours                                                       
Advanced Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery  3
research project 3
Comprehensive Dental Care Clinic (CCC) 5
Comprehensive Pediatric Clinic 3
Elective 4
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