Available masters:


- Prosthodontics
- Conservative Dentistry
- Endodontics
- Fixed Prosthodontics
- Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
- Oral Pathology
- Oral biology
- Oral Medicine
- Periodontology
- Oral Radiology
- Orthodontics
- Pediatric Dentistry
- Dental Public Health
- Dental Biomaterials


Study start dates:   

Fall semester: starts on the third Saturday of September and lasts for 15 academic weeks, including exams.
Spring semester: starts on the second Saturday of February for a period of 15 academic weeks, including exams
Summer semester: starts on the first Saturday of July and lasts for 8 weeks, including exams.


School system:

A student is allowed to register in the fall and spring semesters for a number of hours not exceeding 16 credit hours per semester. The student is also allowed to register in the summer for a number of hours not exceeding 6 credit hours. The thesis and dissertation recorded hours are not counted within these hours.


Credit Hour Definition:

The credit hour is a unit of measurement to determine the weight of each course in one semester, and it is equivalent to:
- One hour of theoretical study per week.
- Or two hours of practice or two hours of lab or clinical training per week.
- Or four hours of training.