General rules for studying according to the regulations

1- A student who holds a bachelor’s degree from a university recognized by the Supreme Council of Universities and has spent the training year with distinction to study in postgraduate programs is accepted if he meets the admission requirements for each program.
2- The student fulfills the selection conditions set by each scientific department separately after the approval of the College Council, whether it is for a group of students or for each case studied by itself, and obtains the approval of the relevant department council and the College Council.
3- The student must complete the documents and forms required by the Postgraduate Studies Department.
4- To have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in the specialization branch with a general grade of at least good or with an average cumulative grade point average of no less than 2.333 from one of the universities recognized in the branch of specialization by the Supreme Council of Universities and spent the training year with distinction.
5- The College Council may, upon the recommendation of the Department Council, accept the registration of a student who obtains an acceptable grade in the Bachelor’s and wishes to register for a Master’s degree in accordance with the College’s regulations after successfully passing a number of supplementary courses determined by the Department Council concerned at the Bachelor’s level with a cumulative average of at least CGPA 2.333 The number of supplementary courses does not exceed four, provided that they are not a prerequisite for the core courses. In the event of more than four courses, the student must spend a qualifying year to succeed in these courses as a condition for registering master's courses, and these courses are not counted for him within the program hours.