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Measurement & Assessment Unit



To continuously guide faculty assessment protocols and select relevant evaluation strategies to improve the over-all examination standards so as to rank the faculty to a higher international recognition.


To select and conduct a justified reliable students’ assessment and analyze the yielded results. This is to be followed by submission of student and departments feedback and collaborate in staff support by continuously running staff orientation session. Furthermore, to share in varied research targeted to the refinement of the assessment tools and methods so as to improve the faculty assessment standards and create a secure nationally and internationally recognized exam bank.

Unit Objectives:

1- Enhance the culture of continuous development of measurement and evaluation systems.
2- Activate, update and follow up the updating of question banks in light of the objectives and criteria set for the undergraduate curriculum.
3- Strengthen the electronic infrastructure to support the unit activities.
4- Follow up the activation of the students’ evaluation system ethical character.

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5- Support training of faculty staff members in light of their training needs.
6- Implementation and follow up of electronic exams, electronic correction of exams and analysis of exams results.
7- Apply feedback mechanisms to take corrective action when needed.