Excellence in education through an accepted international standard
to compete in local and regional job market.


Graduate qualified dentists equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to practice ethical and scientifically-based, research-oriented dental health care, at the individual and community levels.

Strategic goals:

The college administration has adopted seven strategic goals:
• First goal: Improving the efficiency of institutional capacity in order to achieve the sustainability of development.
• Second goal: Achieving excellence in providing educational services and student activities at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
• Third goal: Achieving efficiency and effectiveness in the scientific research system.
• Fourth goal: Strengthening and activating the college's role in community participation.
• Fifth goal: Enhancing the use of information and communication technology
in providing educational, financial and administrative services.
• Sixth goal: Achieving sustainability in the college's financial resources.
• Seventh goal: Developing the financial and administrative sector in the college in line with
technological developments.

Governing values :

• Loyalty and belonging.
• Diversity and inclusion
• Commitment to ethics of the profession and scientific research
• Teamwork
• Responsibility
• Excellence and perfection of work
• Transparency and governance